METRO SALVAGE is about recycling and rescuing whatever is salvageable from a vehicle. When you sell or scrap your vehicle with us you are actually playing a key part in reducing your carbon footprint. Plus we pay the best prices for vehicles irrespective of their condition while recovering the working parts from engines to radios. 

We buy insurance write-offs, accident damaged, MOT failures, high mileage vehicles, as well as runners and non-runners.

If you want a vehicle taking off your hands why not talk to us today. Our aim is to make parting with your car, van, bike or truck as quick and as simple as possible with a bumper payment to boot!

Metro Salvage are a well-established ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) who pride themselves on salvaging as much of a car as possible. Only ATFs can guarantee the safe and legal de-polluting and dismantling of a vehicle. We take components from damaged or end of life cars that come into our yard and find new homes for the good parts – the rest is recycled. Because we’re an ATF, all the pollutants from a vehicle, such as fuel and coolant, are extracted in accordance with environmentally-safe government guidelines.

We then dismantle a vehicle, saving parts that can be used in other motorcars. 

Our aim is to waste as little as possible.


Metro Salvage – responsibly rescuing and recycling for the benefit of all.


Over the years Metro Salvage has moved into many different areas of the salvage industry. Not only do we recycle cars, we are now the North West’s leading late model breakers yard and used car parts specialists. We also have relationships with companies overseas, and we export cars ad their parts to many different countries, such as Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Lebanon, Spain and Poland, to name a few. We have also expanded from not only operating in the North West, but we have also built a nationwide network of scrap car collection agents.

We have a staff of 35, who are dedicated to making sure that all our customers are well looked after and because of this, we have a fantastic reputation in the area. But we’d be nowhere without our loyal customer base.

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Nowadays it isn’t just Terry and Lyndsay that are making Metro Salvage successful, their children Jemma, Jon and Cathy are also a part of the action.