Sell a used car near Manchester

The green agenda, net zero, energy saving. It’s a hot topic right now and probably one that’s here to stay.

Whatever your opinion on the subject you can take heart that Metro Salvage have got your back when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint in relation to vehicles. 

Because we buy cars, vans, trucks and bikes with a soul purpose – to recycle as much of them as possible. 

When a damaged vehicle comes to us, our dedicated team salvage as much of that car as possible. They ensure components that can still be used are put to use in other vehicles. Any parts that aren’t, like severely damaged bodywork is recycled metal.

Oh and all the pollutants, like fuel and coolant are extracted safely in our depollution depot.

So you see when you sell a damaged vehicle near Manchester to Metro Salvage you are actually doing your bit for the planet.

Metro Salvage don’t just accept damaged vehicles either, we buy any car basically. So if you want to sell a used car near Manchester, give us a shout. Sell a used car near Manchester with Metro Salvage.

For example, you may want to sell a used Mercedes near Manchester. Contact Metro Salvage. You might want to sell a used BMW near Manchester, then call us up.


You might want to sell a used Honda near Manchester, pick up that phone.

Or perhaps you want to sell a used Audi near Manchester, great we’re in.

Perhaps you want to sell a used Hyundai near Manchester, again contact us.

Or you might want to sell a used Ford near Manchester, then we want to hear from you.

Maybe you have a Jeep and you want to sell a used Jeep near Manchester, then good stuff we are in.

That’s just a tiny example of the makes of vehicles we are after. Basically, Metro Salvage will buy any make, model, year and condition of the vehicle paying the best prices always.

So what are you waiting for?! Why not call us on 01204 388488 today and get a quote for your car. Or why not go online and get a quote in seconds via our website. 

When you sell your damaged or used vehicle to Metro Salvage you will get the best payout and do your green bit in the process too. Metro Salvage takes pride in recycling as much of a vehicle as possible which in turn helps other vehicles stay on the road.

So be great and earn yourself some greens by selling your vehicle to Metro Salvage.

Metro Salvage – recycling at its best.

And if you have metal to sell, why not speak to JAW Metals. They pay the best prices going for all grades of scrap metal.

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