The best payer for salvage cars near me

Valentine’s Day; the most romantic day of year… allegedly! Perhaps for loved-up couples that is…

But at Metro Salvage, a good Valentine’s Day is all about breaking up – vehicles of course!

To be the best salvage yard in the Northwest means break-ups are crucial in keeping us, helping you, on the road.

Car, van and truck breaking means we can keep thousands of useful parts on our shelves ready for our customers. 

And for that, we are always going to need more vehicles for breaking.

So perhaps you’ve thought about selling a vehicle for breaking. Perhaps you’re curious about “selling a vehicle for breaking near me”. Or you may be wondering, “can I make more money selling a car for breaking?” 

Then you need to contact Metro Salvage. We’ll not romance you with empty promises, we’ll give you a good and honest quote for your car, van, bike or truck. 

Metro Salvage are known as generous payers for salvage cars. So if you’ve been looking for “the best payer for salvage cars near me”. Come and speak to Metro Salvage.


You can call our hotline on 01204 388488 or you can visit our website and contact us that way.

Remember, Metro Salvage break parts not hearts – that’s why we can make you an offer for your vehicle that’ll get your ticker skipping with joy.

At Metro Salvage we buy any car. We buy any van. We buy any vehicle. 

We are based in Bolton, so if you want to “sell my car to a breakers yard Bolton” give us a shout. But we don’t just serve the good people of Bolton, we serve the good people of the Northwest. So if you have been searching for the best breakers yard in the Northwest, get in touch today.

The number you need is 01204 388488 or why not contact us on the website. Whatever you prefer, our team are ready for you.

Recycling is at the heart of what we do, so don’t forget when you sell a car to Metro Salvage you’re helping the environment. So if you really want to be romantic, love our planet and choose Metro Salvage. We are an authorised treatment facility, this means we follow strict guidelines to operate as greener salvage yard as possible, recycling as mochas we can.

So go on, make a date with Metro Salvage and feel the love! 

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