Who is the highest payer for damaged cars in Manchester?

BREAKING NEWS: Metro Salvage needs damaged vehicles for breaking.

We’re especially after late model cars and vans. So if you want to “sell a damaged car for the highest price near me” get in touch today.

Metro Salvage can offer you more buck for that truck, van or car, you see.

It might be a damaged wreck to you, but for us it’s an opportunity to recycle, replace and see other cars back on the road for less.

So even if you have a crumpled front end car to sell, Metro salvage will take it off your hands.

If you have a damaged rear ended car to sell, we have it too!

We’re not bothered about the bodywork, we’re not bothered about internal problems either.

That’s because we can always make use of some of the components of a vehicle even when it’s a write-off.

You might be worrying how on earth you could get a battered, damaged vehicle to us. Well, stop fretting – we can come to you.

Our drivers are on hand to collect your vehicle at a time to suit you. And as we know a thing or two about the car salvage game, we can help you with your paperwork too.

If you’ve been wondering, “who is the highest payer for damaged cars in Manchester?” give us a shout.

Or if you’ve been wondering, “who is the highest payer for damaged cars in Bolton?” come and speak to Metro Salvage. 


We consider ourselves to be the highest payer for damaged cars in the Northwest. So if you want to sell a damaged car, van, truck or motorcycle come and talk to us.

You can call us on 01204 388488 or visit us online. 

It’s really easy to sell a damaged vehicle Bolton way with Metro Salvage.

And if you need cheap used car parts Bolton way, speak to our team too. 

Give us a call on 01204 388488 option one for parts. Or you can even reach us online too.

So whatever your vehicle needs, why not talk to Metro Salvage – we’ll keep you on the road for less. And we will pay you the best for your damaged vehicle. 

And if you want to sell scrap metal you need to contact JAW Metals for the best prices going. All grades of metal are accepted. That means you can sell non-ferrous and ferrous metal and get the highest rate around.

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