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Sell a used car near Manchester

The green agenda, net zero, energy saving. It’s a hot topic right now and probably one that’s here to stay. Whatever your opinion on the subject you can take heart that Metro Salvage have got your back when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint in relation to vehicles.  Because we buy cars, vans, trucks […]

The best payer for salvage cars near me

Valentine’s Day; the most romantic day of year… allegedly! Perhaps for loved-up couples that is… But at Metro Salvage, a good Valentine’s Day is all about breaking up – vehicles of course! To be the best salvage yard in the Northwest means break-ups are crucial in keeping us, helping you, on the road. Car, van […]

Who is the highest payer for damaged cars in Manchester?

BREAKING NEWS: Metro Salvage needs damaged vehicles for breaking. We’re especially after late model cars and vans. So if you want to “sell a damaged car for the highest price near me” get in touch today. Metro Salvage can offer you more buck for that truck, van or car, you see. It might be a […]

Who pays the best price for a used van in Manchester?

Have you ever thought about where you can get the best prices paid for a used van? Selling a used van for the best price in Manchester can happen when you contact Metro Salvage. Metro Salvage can offer you a tasty sum for a used van because we buy any van Bolton, Manchester and in […]

Where is the best place to sell a damaged car Bolton?

Whoop, whoop – let’s have a parts party! Did you know Metro Salvage is the place to go for parts? With hundreds of late breakers stacked in our depot, we are the go-to salvage yard in the northwest. So if you’ve been searching for the cheapest breakers yard in Manchester, we are your gang! Or […]