Can you sell a car that’s damaged?

If you’ve been wondering, “can I sell a non-running, damaged or faulty car?”

The answer is yes!

Metro Salvage has great news for you, you can still sell a car even if it’s damaged or doesn’t start.

So, if you’ve been looking for the best place to sell a damaged car, you really should speak to us.

Metro Salvage is able to buy any car. And we can offer you the best price for damaged cars.

You see, even though it might not run or the body work is knackered – we can put components to good use. In essence we will recycle them in other cars. 

You may have been searching to, “sell my car with mechanical problems” don’t worry we’re interested. Or you may own a van and you want to, “sell my broken van Manchester” for example. Metro Salvage will buy it from you.

Or you may already understand how a salvage and breakers yard works and you’ve been searching to sell car for spare parts. Metro Salvage wants to hear from you!

So motorists might be toying with the idea of selling a damaged car privately – that’s where we can come in. At Metro Salvage, we buy any car and we buy any van. 

And we can pay more than our competitors because we understand the value of recycling and resurrecting parts of a car that are still in great working order. 


You may also be wondering, “does anyone buy damaged cars?”, well not everyone no. But guess what, Metro Salvage sure does!

And if you’re wondering, “can you sell a car that’s damaged?” oh yes, with Metro Salvage you certainly can!

You may also be asking, “what can I do with an unrepairable car?” sell it to Metro Salvage of course!

Call us on 01204 388 488, or simply go online and fill in a few details, right here on our landing page! You will get a quote in seconds, it’s so easy to use – embrace technology!

We apologise if we sound like we’re labouring the point here. But you must understand that you can sell any car to Metro Salvage. And don’t forget our prices are highly competitive so you will get a great deal with us.

We can arrange a collection of your vehicle and walk you through the paperwork making the whole experience of selling a damaged car as easy as pie!

Did you know that we also buy scrap metal? We actually have a separate department devoted to all things scrap metal! Paying the best prices going for all grades, make JAW Metals your go-to scrap metal merchants. 

Make money while demand is high and sell your scrap metal to JAW Metals. 

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