Sell my MOT failure Audi Bolton

CARS – what a cracking invention.

Especially when they run like a dream, they are the business! 

But we all know what it feels like when they start to go down hill.

Frightening repair bills, take their toll on your wallet and stress levels. It’s enough to make you feel sick with worry. 

If things are going wrong with your vehicle you could always part ways with it. You could sell it to Metro Salvage.

Say, for example, you’ve had an accident and you’re car is damaged. 

You could sell a write-off car Bolton way – to us!

Or if you’ve been toying with the idea “sell my MOT failure Audi Bolton way” for example, we will take it off your hands. 

On the other hand, you may want to sell a high mileage Mercedes C Class Bolton way.

Or perhaps you’ve been thinking. “Where can I sell my accident damaged Mercedes C Class Bolton way?” Speak to Metro Salvage of course! 


At Metro Salvage, we buy any car. And because we cover the whole of the North West region, you’re in good hands with us. 

Oh and we also offer a free car take back, so when you sell your vehicle to Metro Salvage we are able to come and collect it for you. 

And because we sell parts for export, especially engines, we can offer you a better price.

It’s so simple to get a valuation of your vehicle too. You can call us on 01204 388488. Or use our simple vehicle valuator for a quote in seconds. Get a quote online.

And if you’re after a certain part, a new engine, a new bumper, a replacement Ford engine Bolton way even? Get in touch 

Whatever part you’re after, Metro Salvage will hunt it down. 

That’s’ because we have thousands of used car parts available to the good people of Bolton and beyond.

So why not get in touch today on 01204 388488.

And if you want to sell scrap metal, why not choose scrap metal merchants JAW Metals. The friendliest and fairest scrap metal dealers in town!

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