Is there a breakers yard near me?

Car breaking – well, it’s recycling at it’s best, isn’t it!

Metro salvage

A written-off car for example, needn’t be thrown on the scrap heap. Heck no, it can stripped back to basics so that some components can be reused.

At Metro Salvage, we often take in accident damaged vehicles. But that doesn’t mean parts of it aren’t still in great nick.

You’ll get a car that’s a mangled wreck, for example, but the engine can still be strong as an ox. Well it’s our job to find that engine a loving new home in another vehicle. 

The car salvage game is all about rescuing and using parts in other vehicles, keeping motorists on the road for less.

It’s about recycling and saving money. Salvaging whatever can be salvaging. And then the rest, the metal… well that can be turned into something else.


So when you sell your car or scrap your car with Metro Salvage, you’re going to get the best deal going. We pay above our competitors because we understand the worth of a vehicle. 

We often export parts which means we can also pay more for your scrap vehicle too.

So if you’re after the best deal for your vehicle, talk to Metro Salvage.

You might be searching to “sell my car to a salvage yard near me”, then hey presto – let Metro Salvage see you right.

You might be wondering, “can I get more money selling my car to a breakers yard?”, well, actually, yes you can. And if you’re wondering, “is there a breakers yard near me?” if you’re based anywhere in the North West the answer is yes! 

We are based in Bolton but we cover this whole beautiful region. We can even arrange vehicle collection and help you with the paperwork too.

So if you want to make a quick sale of a vehicle in no matter what condition it’s in, get in touch.

The number you need is 01204 388488 or you go online and get a quote in super fast time.

So what are you waiting for? Get rid of that vehicle you don’t want and make some fast dosh wish bash bosh!

And if you want to sell scrap metal, then get in touch with JAW Metals. They are paying the best prices for all grades of metal. Make money now!

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