Where can I sell my damaged car near me?

WELL what d’ya know! Another year is here. We all wonder what 2022 will bring!

One thing is for cert, you can rely on Metro Salvage for your motoring needs.

With a whopping 35 years under our (seat) belts, you can bet your bottom hub cap we can sort you with any used car part you need. 

And don’t forget we are after vehicles. We buy accident damaged vehicles and MOT failures. 

We also buy high mileage cars or vans that you simply want to get shut of. 

So if you need to sell a damaged vehicle Manchester way, or used car parts why not hit the ground running this year and speak to Metro Salvage. 

Why not start the year as you mean to go on by bringing in cash your way.

Why not call us now and let’s get the money ball rolling! 


If you’ve been wondering, “can I sell my car fast in the new year?” the answer is yes.

Or if you’ve been asking, “where can I sell my damaged car near me?” don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. That’s what Metro Salvage is here for. 

And because Metro Salvage are known for paying the best prices for vehicles in Bolton and the North West it’s why we are the favourite too!

Did you know you could even secure a sale online? It’s so easy. Just pop in some details about the vehicle you want to sell and let our computer wizardry do the rest! Metro Salvage can even come and collect your vehicle for free.

Talk about starting a new year smoothly and fuss-free! Just how we like it! 

And don’t forget Metro Salvage are the used car parts supplier to go to. That’s because we have thousands of used car parts in stock. And our stock is forever evolving. So if we don;t have it in one day, we may have it in the next!  So if you need a new gear for the new year, why not speak to us.

Or if you’re after a fancy new set of tyres for half the price of new, no problem. Just give Metro Salvage a shout. 

Whatever your motoring needs, Metro Salvage is here to help.

Call us today on 01204 388488 or go online and get a fast quote for your vehicle.

And if you have scarp metal to sell, speak to JAW Metals. They pay the best prices for scrap metal.

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