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Can you sell a car that’s damaged?

If you’ve been wondering, “can I sell a non-running, damaged or faulty car?” The answer is yes! Metro Salvage has great news for you, you can still sell a car even if it’s damaged or doesn’t start. So, if you’ve been looking for the best place to sell a damaged car, you really should speak […]

Affordable car parts Manchester

Friday. For many their most favourite day of the week. A chance to chill, spend time with the family, hot the town or potter about at home. It’s also a great time to tinker with your car if you’re a bit of a petrolhead. And if that’s the case, keep Metro Salvage in mind. We […]

Best way to sell my car Bolton

At Metro Salvage we celebrate motor vehicles on a daily basis. What a blooming great invention the car has been. And even when wheels go wrong, there’s usually means and ways to fix things. That’s why we believe in getting cars, vans, trucks, bikes back on the road again.  And we do this by selling […]

Sell my MOT failure Audi Bolton

CARS – what a cracking invention. Especially when they run like a dream, they are the business!  But we all know what it feels like when they start to go down hill. Frightening repair bills, take their toll on your wallet and stress levels. It’s enough to make you feel sick with worry.  If things […]

Is there a breakers yard near me?

Car breaking – well, it’s recycling at it’s best, isn’t it! A written-off car for example, needn’t be thrown on the scrap heap. Heck no, it can stripped back to basics so that some components can be reused. At Metro Salvage, we often take in accident damaged vehicles. But that doesn’t mean parts of it […]