Sell my used car for parts Manchester

Another day, another dollar – well actually another quid!

Did you know you could be quids in if you sell your used vehicle to Metro Salvage?

Because we’re a salvage yard, we can make use of many components of a vehicle – even if it’s been badly damaged in an accident.

The same applies for flood damaged vehicles too. And we also take high mileage cards and vans, MOT failures and vehicle that owners may no longer want.

In fact, if you’re after a rapid vehicle sale you should speak to us.

If you’ve been searching for a rapid sale of my car near me, contact Metro Salvage.


You can literally sell a car in under 24 hours with us. So if you’ve been looking to, “sell my used car in 24 hours near me” let us help you.

Metro Salvage will buy any vehicle in the north west region. Yes we but any car North West way. Being based in Bolton ourselves mean we’ve got a far and wide reaching network of collection agents. So if your vehicle doesn’t run don’t worry about it. We can send a driver our to you.

So not only can you sell a car near me in 24 hours, you can also have the collection sorted too. And if you’re nervous about the paperwork side, you know the DVLA stuff, don’t you worry. We can help you with that too. Selling a used car or selling a car to a salvage yard done’t have to be stressful. Let Metro Salvage put your mind at ease and do it all for you. All you need to do is enjoy the money you get in return.

Why not call us up today to find out more. Just dial 01204 388488 or go online and get a quote quickly. 


Parting with an old vehicle doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a pleasant experience – especially when you choose Metro Salvage.

So if you’ve been searching to sell my used car for parts Manchester – bingo get in touch.

Or if you’ve been searching to sell my used car for parts Bolton give us a shout.

Maybe you’ve been hunting to sell my used car for parts Bury, then you know who to call.

Same applies for anywhere in the North West. You could live in Blackpool, for instance, and be wanting to sell my used car for parts Blackpool. Well happy days, Metro Salvage to the rescue! 

Ring 01204 388488 and let Metro Salvage sort the rest.

And if you have scrap metal to sell you should contact JAW Metals. Best prices paid for all grades of metal. Make money fast and sell it today!

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