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If you’ve been keeping your eye on the current used vehicle market you’ll be aware that prices have been rising month by month.

As of last month, (Oct 2021) the average second-hand vehicle now costs a staggering £3k more than in May. Wow! 

So for some motorists, this rapid increase may mean keeping hold of their current car for longer than they usually would. 

All that means is upping maintenance practices so that when it comes to selling your car or van its value will be at a premium. 

And that means you’ll need to get your mitts on quality replacement car parts if and when needed! 

You’ll also have regular tune ups which might involve replacing or cleaning systems like the fuel filter. Or perhaps the spark plugs and ignition wires need some attention. 

Oh and don’t forget to make sure your motor oil is changed. And remember to check the engine has plenty of coolant so it doesn’t overheat.


You’ll need to keep a check on tyres too. There’s an easy penny test you can do to check the treads are safe. Remember it’s illegal if they’re too worn and dangerous! 

All you do is put a coin in upside down and see if you can see the Queen’s head. If you can see the Queen it’s time for new tyres. And if you can’t your tyres are good to keep on rolling.

You should also rotate your tyres to get longevity out of them. This keeps wear consistent and even.

Here at Metro Salvage we offer all types of tyre services. We can sort tyre rotations, to pressure checks, to replacement tyres. And we’re talking bargain tyres Bolton and beyond! 

And being one of the largest vehicle breakers yards in the North West means we are also bug players when it comes to affordable used car parts Manchester and Bolton way.

You might need a replacement engine or a reconditioned engine Manchester way.

Or you might have a gearbox that’s playing up.


Well, engine and gearbox reconditioning is what Metro Salvage are all about. And just think about the money you could save buying a affordable used engine Manchester way.

So why not call on Metro Salvage to keep you on the road. 

We have 1000s of used car parts and all our parts come under warranty.  

So if you need the best used engines Manchester give us a shout. Or if you want to buy a BMW engine, a cheap V6 engine get in touch. 

On the other hand you may want to part with your current vehicle for some reason or another. It might be knackered, quite frankly. Or it could have been damaged in an accident. Not a problem, we buy any car Manchester way and in the North West.

Metro Salvage covers all corners of the UK and we are open 24/7. We will send a car collection agent out to you if needed.

Plus we offer the best rates going for vehicles. In fact, that dosh can help towards sorting a new set of wheels – even if the prices have gone through the roof!  

What’s more is money goes into your bank and you’ll be issued with a certificate of destruction. This gives you peace of mind that things were taken care of at our ATF, safely and professionally.

Call Metro Salvage on (01204) 388488 on click online and get a quote in seconds. 

And if you have scrap metal to sell then contact JAW Metals who pay the best prices on all grades of metal.

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