Monthly Archives: December 2021

Sell my used car for parts Manchester

Another day, another dollar – well actually another quid! Did you know you could be quids in if you sell your used vehicle to Metro Salvage? Because we’re a salvage yard, we can make use of many components of a vehicle – even if it’s been badly damaged in an accident. The same applies for […]

Sell my used car fast for most cash Manchester

Life’s pretty stressful at the moment. From not knowing what the current plan is to actually wondering what the end game is. No wonder a lot of us are feeling overwhelmed.   At least when it comes to selling a used vehicle, you can count on Metro Salvage. Our aim is to remove any hassle from […]

Best used engines Manchester

If you’ve been keeping your eye on the current used vehicle market you’ll be aware that prices have been rising month by month. As of last month, (Oct 2021) the average second-hand vehicle now costs a staggering £3k more than in May. Wow!  So for some motorists, this rapid increase may mean keeping hold of […]

Buy a cheap replacement engine near me

PRAISE be to car engines. In essence they’re the heartbeat of a vehicle. And when they stop beating it usually means motorists will opt to replace their vehicle and scrap their old car. But what if everything else in the car or van is still running beautifully and it’s just engine failure letting the vehicle […]