Best payers for used BMWs

Stuck for things to do this weekend?

Then why not pay Metro Salvage a visit?

A place where all are welcome and you can leave better off in the pocket.

That’s because we pay a tidy sum for cars that are sold for salvage. Or if you after a certain part, we can save you loads of money: 

So whenever it’s Friday and if you haven’t planned anything for the weekend you could always sell your car for salvage.

If you have a n accident damaged or worn out car that’s ready for Metro Salvage then why not crack on and sell her to us. 

We are open all weekend long so the wonderful people of Bolton and beyond canjoin us all weekend long.

Selling your car for salvage is dead easy. It won’t eat into your entire weekend. In fact, it’s a pretty painless experience and one that can be completed in a matter of hours.

If you live in Bolton and want to scrap my car Bolton, we can collect on the same day unless you have another preference.

If you’re based in Manchester and you’re thinking, scrap my car Manchester, we can get the same day too.

Anywhere within a 30 miles radius usually means we’ll get to you on the same day you agree to sell you vehicle with Metro Salvage.

Just have that log book handy (V5C) and you’re good to go.

A V5 tells us you’re the registered owner of the car.


Metro Salvage are an authorised treatment facility (ATF) so the whole process of dealing with a used vehicle is done tickety-boo!

First we de-pollute to extract all fluids which can be harmful to the environment. Liquids include fuel to windscreen wash and coolant. 

The next stage is the breaking for useful parts and the rest is recycled.

That’s why Metro Salvage are regarded as best payers for vehicles in the North West. And the friendliest team too! 

We are the best payers for used Audis, best payers for used BMWs, best payers for used Mercedes. We are also the best payers for used Alfa Romeos and best payers for used Saabs. In fact, we are the best payers for scrap cars – any make or model!

So why not give us a call if you’re thinking ‘sell my used Ford for best price today’ or ‘sell my used Ford Transit Manchester. But in all Ernest we will by any car!

Why not contact us today on 01204 388488 or contact us online.

Or to sell all grades of metal contact JAW Metals – bets prices paid.

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