Can I sell my car in a day?

We love the saying; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Damaged car buys Manchester, Bolton and throughout the North West.

It’s an ethos Metro Salvage lives by.

If you’ve ever had to sell a car for salvage in Manchester and watched your vehicle being loaded onto the removal truck, chances are you’ve probably not given its future fate much more thought.

Usually what matters to a former motor owner is getting the highest price for a car that might be damaged or failed its MOT.

And just because it’s an end of life vehicle for you, for Metro Salvage it can go on to breathe new beginnings.

And it’s all down to the salvaging bit.

Parts from your old car can go on and live a new life in another vehicle. Keeping other vehicles on the road for less.

So if you want to sell your car, van, truck or motorcycle to a salvage yard in Manchester you can relax. Metro Salvage will pay for your used vehicle by putting the money directly into your bank account.


And if you’re nervous about the paperwork part, worry not as they can help you.

When you sell a used car for salvage Bolton way, you can have peace of mind with Metro Salvage.

While demand is at an all time high, why not cash in and make the most money for a second hand car.

Plus we are also buyers of scrap metal. All grades of metal bought and for the best prices too.

Our salvage and scrap yard is based in Bolton. It’s enormous and we deal with thousands of vehicles every year. So when you sell a vehicle to the best paying salvage yard in Manchester or the whole of the North West, you can relax. Metro Salvage has over 30 years in the car salvage industry. A family run business that puts customers first.

Why not get a quote for your used car or van today. Call us up on 01204 388488 or visit us online and get a super fast quote.

We buy MOT failures, high mileage vehicles and accident damaged cars. Plus we also buy used vehicles. So if you’re wanting a quick car sale give Metro Salvage a try.

If you’ve ever wondered, “can I sell my car in a day?” The answer is yes. With Metro Salvage you can literally sell your car within hours of first contacting us. It’s that quick and easy.

So why not pick up the phone and sell a car in hours Manchester way with Metro Salvage. Call 01204 388488. Or pop online. 

And to sell scrap metal why not go direct to JAW Metals, part of the Metro Salvage family. 

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