Best paying scrap metal dealer Manchester

There has never been a better time to sell or scrap your car.

Metro Salvage needs vehicles a plenty and because demand is at an all time high, we can offer all time best prices. 

We are currently after scrap cars and cars for breaking. We need these vehicles to meet surplus export engine requests. Right now, engines are keenly sought after and that’s why Metro Salvage can pay you the most for your vehicle. 

We are also after scrap metal. Sell scrap metal for best price to Metro Salvage. And we’ll take all grades of metal too. So if you want to sell iron Manchester to scrap dealers – speak to us.

If you want to sell alloy wheels to scrap dealer Manchester way, talk to Metro Salvage.

Or if you want to sell copper to scrap metal dealer Manchester way, happy days Metro Salvage will take it off your hands.

So if you’ve been searching for the best paying scrap metal dealer Manchester way, we can help you out.

As most people know, we’re based in Bolton but Metro Salvage’s services span much, much wider. We buy vehicles from all over the North West of England and sometimes even further afield. The same applies for scrap metal too. But, we are also major players in car parts exporting. And right now demand for engines, scrap metal, car batteries, gearboxes, you name it – is enormous. 

So why not make hay while the scrap metal shines! Metro Salvage need scrap cars so we can sell on their engines to our export contacts. And that’s why we can pay the best prices per ton for metal.

So if you’ve been searching to “sell scrap metal to best paying scrap dealer near me” give Metro Salvage the nudge.


Best prices paid for scrap metal in the North West, is our guarantee. So why not sell or scrap your vehicle today or have that scrap metal clear out you’ve been meaning to do!

So if you’ve been wondering, “what is the price of scrap metal UK?” Metro Salvage has the answers.

Or if you’ve been wondering, “how much is copper per kilogram?” Metro Salvage can help you out. You maybe wondering what scrap metal prices Manchester are, Metro Salvage can sort you straight. 

You’ll get a steal for your steel with us! Call 01204388488. Alternatively, chat to a staff member online and get a quiet for your vehicle or for your scrap metal. Metro Salvage will happily take it all! 

And also, did you know you can scrap more than one car at a time? Just contact Scrap My Cars – they are particularly keen on buying fleets of cars. 

So if you have an old line of taxis, or perhaps a fleet of buses, why not get in touch with them.

You may have lots of plant vehicles you want to sell. If so, contact Scrap My Cars today! 

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