How can I sell my used car fast online?

Have you ever thought, “how can I sell my used car fast online?”

Considering the world seems to revolve around the internet, you’ve probably wondered if selling a car online is your best bet.

You can certainly take one first easy step and get a quote for your vehicle on Metro Salvage.

In fact, you can get a great price for your car in seconds when you fill out our vehicle quote form online.

So if you’ve been searching for, “how can I sell my car online fast?” then welcome friend. You’ve landed on the right site! 

At Metro Salvage we’ll endeavour to save as much of a vehicle as possible. This means we’re recycling parts of a car in other vehicles. 

Popular vehicle components include engines, gearboxes, seats and panels. But pretty much anything that’s still in good working order can be reused. 


So if you’re parting with your vehicle in this manner, you can get a handsome amount for your old car or van.

Currently, while demand is at an all time high we can offer you an attractive sum for your wheels.

So why not take advantage! And if selling a used car online isn’t your thing you can always take the traditional route and call us.

Pick up that phone and dial 01204 388488 and talk to a friendly member of staff on standby waiting to hear from you.

We need cars and we need them NOW, so why not cash in and get the best deal for your used car. And it doesn’t matter if your car is damaged as we buy damaged cars and vans. So if you’ve been searching to sell a damaged car online fast – give us a shout. Use our website or pick up the phone. The number again is 01204 388488.

Metro Salvage also buys MOT failure cars, so if you want to sell MOT failure car online fast contact us now. Or if you want to sell high mileage car online fast hit us up today!

The used car and scrap car market fluctuates, just as metal prices do. So why not cash in while prices are high. 

Speaking of metal, you can also make money by selling your non-ferrous and ferrous metal.

JAW Metals have been offering a delicious sum of £145 per ton. Providing you have a minimum of a 1kg to sell, JAW Metals will buy.

Make the most of the current climate and sell your metal today! 

And make the most of selling your used car to Metro Salvage.

Call us today on 01204 388488.

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