Find a trusted used car parts dealer near me

Have you ever wondered where you can “find a trusted used car parts dealer near me”?

Well, the hunt is over. You’ve found us!

Metro Salvage have over 30 years in the quality used vehicle parts business and constantly have thousands of used cars parts in stock.

We are one of the largest used vehicle parts dealers in the North West of England.

But we also export engines and other vehicle parts, making us a major player globally when it comes to exporting parts.

So if you’re looking for a vehicle savage yard to trust, choose Metro Salvage!

You might be searching for used car parts Manchester or used car parts Bolton.

Well we can help. You might be looking for used car parts dealer near me, let Metro Salvage assist.


Alternatively, you might be scouring the Internet, searching for used car parts online. Let Metro Salvage assist you, as we can ship parts to your door. 

If you want cheap car parts online, we are the team for you.

But it’s not just bargain used vehicle parts we offer, we are also buyers of salvage vehicles.

So if you have a late model accident damaged vehicle you want to sell, speak to Metro Salvage.

We are one of the largest buyers of accident damaged late model cars and vans in the North West.

We also buy MOT failure cars, vans and lorries.

And we buy high mileage vehicles Manchester. 

And did you know we also have a scrap metal leg of the business too?

JAW Metals are hungry for ferrous and non-ferrous metal. If you are selling, they are buying!

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