Where can I sell my crashed car in Manchester?

Have you ever wondered where can I sell my crashed car in Manchester? 

Or perhaps you’ve been asking yourself who buys accident damaged vans in Manchester? Well the answer to every question is Metro Salvage, when it comes to vehicles anyway!

Metro Salvage will buy any damaged vehicle, any MOT failure and any bodywork damaged vehicle too. 

And Bolton’s best loved salvage yard also pay more than their competitors.

And if you’re wondering why Metro salvage can pay more than their competitors it’s because they can recycle parts of the car you sell them. 

Often Metro Salvage are able to sell parts of your old car or damaged car as export. This means you will get more of a return for your vehicle when you sell it to Metro Salvage. And it isn’t just cars that Metro salvage will buy, they will also buy vans off you too.

So if you have a damaged van such as a Mercedes Sprinter why not speak to the Metro Salvage team. 

The best thing about Metro Salvage is you can sell your car on the same day you make an enquiry about its value. 

Metro Salvage even has vehicle collection agents located all around the north-west and ready to collect your car at a suitable time for you. 

And did you know Metro Salvage are an authorised treatment facility (ATF)? 

This means they are government regulated. Everything they do when it comes to dismantling your car is done in the greenest possible manner. 


So why not get the most for your wrecked car, your damaged car, your bodywork damaged car and contact Metro Salvage today. 

You can ring them on (01204) 388488 or you can go online and literally get a quote in seconds. 

And if you like what you hear, which most of our customers do, we can come and collect your vehicle on the same day of an agreed sale. 

We cover the whole of the north-west so if you’re looking to sell a damaged car in the north-west for the best price possible you need to speak to the Metro Salvage team. 

Call them today on (01204) 388488 or speak to a friendly member of the team online. 

And should you be looking for used car parts you should speak to Metro Salvage too.

We have thousands of used car parts in stock and we are always getting more on our shelves. So if for example you’re looking for a quality used engine in Manchester contact Metro Salvage.

One more thing; if you have scrap metal to sell then why not contact JAW Metals… part of the Metro Salvage family.

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