Where can I get most for selling a damaged car?

The team at Metro Salvage world like to get one thing straight; they don’t care what your vehicle looks like.

Say you wanted to sell a damaged Audi Bolton way, we’d take care of that.

It could be a total wreck and you wanted to sell a write-off Audi Bolton way, not a problem for Metro Salvage.

Or perhaps it’s barely a recognisable Audi, the bodywork is that mashed up. If you want to sell an Audi with damaged bodywork Bolton, speak to the Metro Salvage team.

They will buy any make, model and year of Audi in any condition.

But it’s not just Audi cars they buy, Metro Salvage want to buy any car at all.

You might want to sell a damaged BMW Bolton way, then drop the guys a line.

Or it might be the case you want to sell a write-off BMW Bolton way, great news – give us a call!

Perhaps you want to sell a BMW with damaged bodywork Bolton way, you must have gotten the gist by now!

It’s so easy to contact Metro Salvage and you even have a choice of how to get in touch, who says we don’t still live in a free country!


You can either call us on 01204 388488 and press option 1 to sell you car. Or you can go online and speak to a member of staff digitally. You can get a quote for your vehicle in seconds and then seal the deal if it feels right.

And we have to say the majority of people are more than pleased with our no obligations quotes. What’s more, is we can usually collect your vehicle on the same day you agree a sale making the whole process stress-free.

So if you want to sell your car for salvage – think Metro Salvage.

If you’re thinking, “where can I get the most for selling a damaged car?” let Metro Savage see you right.

And if you’re wondering, “where can I get most for selling a car for salvage?” give the Metro Salvage team a shout – they’ll soon sort you out! 

So if you want to sell a battered car Bolton way or anywhere in the North West, contact Metro Salvage.

We buy any car Bolton way and beyond. And we love a battered car, we love a damaged car – we love an ugly car!

That’s because we can still recycle what’s underneath.

So why not get in touch today. Call 01204 388488.

And if you want to sell a van, then get in touch with Scrap A Van – best prices paid for all used vans.

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