Where can I sell my faulty car near me?

Have you ever wondered if you can sell a faulty car?

Damaged car buys Manchester, Bolton and throughout the North West.

Perhaps it’s damaged or isn’t running anymore but you could really do with getting as much money for it as possible.

Have you ever asked, “where can I sell my faulty car near me?” Let Metro Salvage be your solution! That’s because we buy any faulty car and pay the most for them too.

You may have been asking yourself, “how do I sell a defective car?” Well, with Metro Salvage, it couldn’t be easier.

Metro Salvage are damaged car buyers in the North West of England.

So if, for example, you’ve been searching for damaged car buyers Manchester, we can help.

Or if you’ve been looking for damaged car buyers Bolton, give Metro Salvage a shout. 

You might be looking for damaged car buyers Merseyside, no problem for us. Metro Salvage has drivers all over the region who can collect your faulty car.


You might be by the seaside, in Blackpool for example. And you’ve been searching for damaged car buyers Blackpool – well guess what..Metro Salvage can sort you out!

If you’ve been wondering can you sell a car with something wrong with it, the answer is yes.

And at Metro Salvage you can get a really generous payout for your faulty or damaged car.

That’s because we can often recycle parts of the car you sell to us. Even if it doesn’t run!

If you’ve been wondering, “where can I sell a car that doesn’t work?” hey presto, let Metro Salvage sort you out. 

You no longer need to ask, “does anyone buy damaged cars?” because Metro Salvage are the answer. And if you’ve been wondering, “how do I sell my car with a problem?” you now know you can sell it to Metro Salvage.

You can call us on 01204 388488 or you can go online and get a quote for your vehicle in seconds. 

We buy any car at Metro Salvage, so don’t worry want make, model or year you’re selling and if it’s a runner or non-starter.

Get the best price for your vehicle today with Metro Salvage.

Give them a call on 01204 388488 today! Metro Salvage – damaged car buyers for you in the North West of England. 

And if you need to scrap a car contact The Scrappers, best prices paid for scrap cars!

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