Sell my damaged car today

LONG gone are the times of all the faffery of selling a car – especially if it was damaged.

Placing an ad in the local paper or having to thumb through a wrist-breaking directory for car sales were a pain in the gearbox! 

Especially if there was a vehicle fault or damaged bodywork.

At least it’s hassle free these days. You just need to contact Metro Salvage! And you can even do it online.

If you have been  thinking, “how do I sell my car online?” or “I want to sell my car for cash today” Metro Salvage have made it easy.

A simple call or click on the Metro Salvage website and you’re halfway there!

So if you have been thinking, “I want to sell my damaged car today,” you actually can!


You can call 01204388488 or enter your car or your vans details into the Metro Salvage vehicle valuation calculator. A near  instant no obligation quote will be yours in seconds and if you like what you see – then why not sell right there and then?! You could have an MOT failure, high mileage, write-off, damaged bodywork, accident damaged or running in perfectly good order. Metro Salvage will take the lot.

Metro Salvage pay top amounts for anyone who is thinking, “i want to sell my SUV Bolton” for example.

Or “I want to sell my damaged car near me”. Maybe are you thinking, “can I sell my damaged car near me for cash today?” – the answer is a resounding YES!!!!

So if you sell a car today with Metro Salvage consider it a done deal. That’s because Metro Salvage frequently buys cars for export. And when you sell a car for export or sell a van for export you get a higher sum.

Metro Salvage is big on exporting cars and engines and other car parts all over the world. So when you sell a car for export, even if it’s damaged, you’ll get a better deal. 

If you want to sell a vehicle for salvage contact Metro Salvage today. Call on 01204388488 or go online and seal the deal.

Metro Salvage – you know it makes sense! 

And if you want to part with any scrap metal, give JAW Metals a try. They pay the going rate for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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