Where is the best salvage yard near me?

Have you ever wondered, “where is a good breakers yard near me?”

Or perhaps, “where is the best salvage yard near me?”

Perhaps you’ve even wondered, “can I get more money selling my car for salvage?”

Well you’ve come to the right place, Metro Salvage are the breakers and salvage yard for you!

We will take any damaged vehicle off your hands.

If you want to sell a damaged late model car, we are buying! 

Sell any damaged car with Metro Salvage and you’ll always see a health return.

Perhaps you want to sell a write-off near me, great stuff – give Metro Salvage a shout.

We buy accident vehicles and we can offer you a competitive price. In fact we like to pay the export value on vehicles which mean you get more dosh for your vehicle when you sell it to Metro Salvage.


Your car could be a total and utter wreck, but it can still be of use to us.

There’re will be parts that can be recycled, put to good use in other vehicles keeping them ticking over.

We are a registered ATF, so every step of the dismantling and breaking of a vehicle we do is done following strict regulations. This is to ensure the safety of our yard and of our planet.

Selling a car for salvage is a green smart move. It’s actually helping to reduce your carbon footprint because we are recycling at its best.

Every component, from panel to nut and bolt that we can reuse we will.

That’s why Metro Salvage loves to buy salvage vehicles. 

So if you want to sell my BMW for salvage or sell my damaged Audi for salvage, for example, contact us today.

Get a quote online in seconds or call us up on 01204 388488.

Sell your damaged car today for the best price with Metro Salvage. Send you car to the best breakers yard in the region! 

Metro Salvage – recycling at its best! 

And if you have a van to scrap then why not get in touch with our sister company Scrap A Van?

All vans are bought, no matter what make, model or year and best prices paid.

Just click here and see for yourself.

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