How to make the most money selling a car for salvage

Been involved in a scuff, a scrape, a bump?

Perhaps you’ve totalled your car.

Then why not sell your damaged car to Metro Salvage.

We buy any accident damaged car, any make, model or year.

You may been wondering, “where can I sell my accident damaged car near me?” Well, the answer is Metro Salvage. We’re here to buy all kinds of wrecks. 

You could have a vehicle that’s playing up and you’ve decided to “sell my car for parts UK”, no problem we can take care of that.

Alternatively you may have decided you need to, “sell my car with mechanical problems”, well hey presto – let Metro Salvage work their magic. 

We pay over the odds for cars that are wrecked. So if you want to sell a totalled car you need to speak to us.

You might be looking to, “sell non runner car UK”, did you know Metro Salvage covers the whole of the North West? So if for example you’re looking to “sell my car with mechanical problems Manchester, Metro Salvage can help.

If you want to sell a salvage car – Metro Salvage are buying. After all, let’s face it, with ‘Salvage’ in our title, you’d kind of think we’d be interested in buying any salvage car!

You could have been searching to, “sell my car for parts near me”, again that’s where Metro Salvage come in.

We pay over the asking rate for vehicles because we can recycle parts of a salvage car.

So if you’ve been wondering, “how to make the most money selling a car for salvage” check us out! 


You can call us on 01204 388488 or visit us online. We’re down with the kids, we’re tech friendly! Why not get a quote in seconds using our online calculator.

Or if you prefer the personal human touch give us a call on 01204 388488, our team loves a good chat!

We are after any make or model or year of vehicle. From Fords to Ferraris! Audis to Aston Martins! Ladas to Lamborghinis! Mazdas to Maseratis!

And because we sell a lot of car components for export, we are able to be more generous when we buy in cars.

So to make the most money selling an accident damaged car contact Metro Salvage today.

We’re an ATF, meaning we’re a trusted and government recognised salvage yard in Bolton – the heart of the North West.

We operate a free car collection service and we can handle all the DVLA paperwork so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Payment goes straight into your bank account, it’s that simple.

So why not choose Metro Salvage and sell a damaged car today for best payout with us! 

To scrap a car why not contact The Scrappers right here.

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