Cheapest place for car parts in the North West

Have you ever needed the cheapest place for car parts in the North West?

You might run a car repair shop or garage or you may be into fixing up your vehicle yourself.

Whatever the reason, you should bear Metro Salvage in mind.

We’re a leading car parts store and salvage yard based in the heart of the North West – Bolton.

If you’ve ever searched for the cheapest place for car parts Manchester, chances are you’ve come to us.

Metro Salvage takes pride in being the best salvage yard in Manchester.

The best salvage yard in Bolton and the best salvage yard in the North West.

We have thousands of cars parts in our happy Bolton sunshine yard.


We even sell car parts online so why not get in touch for anything and everything you may need when it comes to bargain car parts online.

We’ve been in the car breaking and car salvage business for over 30 years.

Recycling is at the heart of what we do. So why don’t you get in touch today and let us help you do your little bit in saving the planet.

Metro Salvage is a trusted ATF – meaning we stick to Gov rules and regs practising as green a salvage yard as possible. We love this planet and want to treat it with the respect it deserves.

You may have a car you want to sell for salvage. It could be an accident damaged vehicle, for example. We buy accident damaged cars and vans and pay the best prices going. So if you want to sell a damaged vehicle Manchester way, speak to Metro Salvage. 

You may be thinking, “where can I sell my car for breaking for best price?” Or, “how can I make the most money for selling accident damaged car?” The answer is Metro Salvage. 

Or where can I sell damaged car UK. That’s us! We pay the most for damaged cars.

So why not call 01204 388488 today. Or visit online and get quote in seconds. 

And if you want to sell scrap metal why not try JAW Metals right here and get a great price for recycling your unwanted metal.

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