Sell my write-off Prius Manchester

At Metro Salvage, damaged doesn’t equal doomed.

In fact we like to see harmed vehicles as something that needs nurturing and tender loving care.

We can see past an accident damaged vehicle and salvage the working parts. Bringing them back to life, in other vehicles, usually. 

So in essence we recycle damaged cars, vans and trucks which means anyone who sells a damaged vehicle to us is actually playing their part in being green.

And it’s not just damaged cars we buy, we’re also after high mileage, MOT failures, and vehicles you want to part with for whatever reason. 


Say you have a Toyota to sell. It might be a damaged Toyota and you’ve been wondering, “where can I sell my damaged Toyota near me?”

Or you’ve been thinking, “where can I sell a damaged Toyota Manchester way?”

Maybe even you’re wondering, “who pays most for damaged Toyota near me?”

The answer to all the above scenarios is Metro Salvage. And we’ll take any Toyota going.

So if you want to sell a damaged Toyota Prius Manchester way, for example, we will buy it off you. Same as we would if it was an MOT failure or a write off. So if you’ve been searching to sell my write-off Prius Manchester then give us a shout.

Sell any Toyota for the best price Manchester way with Metro Salvage!

But of course Toyotas aren’t the only vehicles we’re after – no no no! 


At Metro Salvage we are after any car, any make, any model, any year, any condition. 

We’re not fussy about the state of it, we can see past the flaws.

What we are more finicky about, however, is giving our customers a greta deal and top friendly service. As we export quite a few car parts, we’re able to offer over the odds of our competitors. In a nutshell; you get more dosh for your vehicle by going with us.

So unless you want to see yourself out of pocket, why not go with the sunshine salvage yard – Metro Salvage.

Based in Bolton, but serving the whole of the North West region we are ready, willing and able to take your car off you. We offer a free delivery service no matter where you’re based in the region. And to top it all off our beautiful big yard in Bolton is a recognised ATF. This means we are a trust-worthy bunch who deal with vehicles in a government regulated manner. 

So why not drop us a line on 01204 388488 or go online and knock us up that way.

You can even get a quote on your car using our online facility. 

Or just ring us for a friendly chat, our team love a good natter.

So why not contact Metro Salvage today on 01204 388488.

Metro Salvage – The Sunshine Yard! 

Or to scrap a van why not visit our sister site – Scrap A Van!

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