Sell my damaged Prius for best price

They say you gotta fake it ’til you make it.

Well at Metro Salvage you’ve gotta break it ’til you make it!

In fact we never wanna stop breaking as it’s our livelihood! 

We’re a company that celebrates a breakdown, of the vehicle variety that is! Because for us, parts of a car are the star.

So for us your wreck, accident damaged car, MOT failure or high mileage heap of junk, could turn out to be pretty useful. We often recycle parts of a car that still work and help keep other vehicles on the road running tickety boo!

We are specifically interested in late model breakers so if you’ve had an accident and your car is a write off, we want to know about it.

Say, for example, you have a Jaguar F-Pace and it’s a write-off we will buy it from you. If you’re looking to sell a damaged Jaguar F-Pace Manchester way, speak to Metro Salvage.

The same would apply if you had a damaged Jaguar E-Pace. If you’re wanting to sell a damaged Jaguar E-Pace Manchester way, get in touch.

Sell any damaged Jaguar to us. We also buy high mileage Jaguar cars too. Or if you want to sell MOT failure Jaguar for best price Manchester contact Metro Salvage.

Jaguar is just an example of the make and model of cars we need. In reality we want every car make imaginable. 


So if you want to sell accident damaged Toyota for best price Manchester, for example, we would want to hear from you.

You could be thinking, “where can I sell my damaged Toyota Prius for best price Manchester?” take to Metro Salvage.

At Metro Salvage we buy any damaged car. We pay the most for wrecks. So if you’re wondering, “who pays the most for wrecks Manchester?” that would be us!

If you’re wondering, “best payers for write-offs Manchester” that would be us again!

Metro Salvage will buy any damaged car and as well as non damaged too. Sell your damaged car today for the best price with Metro Salvage.

You may wonder why do Metro Salvage pay the most? That’s because we can export certain car parts like engines. We export all around the world and that means we can give you a healthy return on your vehicle. 

All you need to do is contact 01204 388488 or look online and get a valuation in seconds.

Simple, fuss-free easy money baby!

Plus we’re an ATF – authorised treatment facility – meaning we are safety checked and approved. In other words, Metro Salvage is a name you can trust.

Having been in the car salvage business for 35 years, we reckon we know a thing or two about this business!

So why not deal with the North West’s friendliest salvage yards and sell your car for the best price today to Metro Salvage.

Call us up now on 01204 388488 – our team is ready and happy to chat.

To scrap a car visit The Scrappers and get a great price for your vehicle today.

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