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Sell used Discovery Manchester today

Did you know you could sell a damaged bodywork Range Rover or Land Rover today without worrying about its condition? That’s because at Metro Salvage we buy used Land Rovers. So if you’re thinking, “I need to sell my used Range Rover” give Metro Salvage a call. We accept any condition Range Rover and we […]

How do I sell my car with body damage?

Have you ever wondered where is the best place to sell a damaged car? Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself how can I get the most money for my broken car? You may even wonder, “can I sell a car with damage?” Well the answer is yes, yes you can. You can sell it to Metro […]

How to make the most money selling a car for salvage

Been involved in a scuff, a scrape, a bump? Perhaps you’ve totalled your car. Then why not sell your damaged car to Metro Salvage. We buy any accident damaged car, any make, model or year. You may been wondering, “where can I sell my accident damaged car near me?” Well, the answer is Metro Salvage. […]

Best place to sell a salvage car for most money

Best place to sell a salvage car for most money Did you know at Metro Salvage we want any car? And we truly do mean any car at all. That’s because we buy any car in the North West. We’ll buy cheap runners, we will buy MOT failed cars and vans. We’ll buy accident damaged […]

Cheapest place for car parts in the North West

You may be thinking, “where can I sell my car for breaking for best price?” Or, “how can I make the most money for selling accident damaged car?” The answer is Metro Salvage. 

Sell my write-off Prius Manchester

At Metro Salvage, damaged doesn’t equal doomed. In fact we like to see harmed vehicles as something that needs nurturing and tender loving care. We can see past an accident damaged vehicle and salvage the working parts. Bringing them back to life, in other vehicles, usually.  So in essence we recycle damaged cars, vans and […]

Sell my damaged Prius for best price

They say you gotta fake it ’til you make it. Well at Metro Salvage you’ve gotta break it ’til you make it! In fact we never wanna stop breaking as it’s our livelihood!  We’re a company that celebrates a breakdown, of the vehicle variety that is! Because for us, parts of a car are the […]