Sell damaged BMW Blackburn

At Metro Salvage, our staff love a good break – of the vehicle variety!

We love breaking cars and vans so that parts can be used in other vehicles saving customers money while recycling.

In fact, choosing Metro Salvage to sell a damaged car or van to, or a vehicle you no longer want is beneficial in many ways.

You’ll get a competitive price for your wheels, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint as we salvage every component we can.

And you have peace of mind knowing that your car is being dealt with by an authorised treatment facility (ATF).

With over 30 years in the car breaking and salvage business, let Metro Salvage be your one-stop vehicle buying, exporting and parts shop.

If you’re looking for a certain used car part, give us a shout as we literally stock thousands of used car parts.

You could be looking for a used Mercedes engine Manchester way, for example, call on us.

Perhaps you’re after a certain Audi car bonnet, give us a shout.

The reason Metro Salvage can be generous payers when you sell a car Manchester today, is because we can often recycle car parts. And as some of these parts are exported you can get a healthy return for your salvage car.

So it makes sense to use Metro Salvage for all your car needs.

You may need a BMW X5 part, no problem get in touch with us.


And if you want to sell a damaged BMW Manchester way, please contact us. At Metro Salvage we buy any car and we cover the whole region.

So if for example you want to sell damaged BMW Blackburn, give us a shout.

If you want to sell damaged BMW Wigan, let us come to you. Or you may want to sell damaged BMW Preston – great we’re in!

Perhaps you want to sell damaged BMW Bury, happy days count us in!

You may want to sell damaged BMW Manchester, think you’ll get the gist by now!

Sp basically if you want to sell any car in the north west of England give Metro Salvage a shout.

Call us today on 01204 388488 or why not get a fast and furious quote via our website

Metro Salvage – recycling at its best!

And don’t forget we have a scrap arm of the business too – The Scrappers.

If you want to sell your car for scrap why not give them a shout.

You can visit their website right here and see what you could make on your scrap vehicle today.

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