Sell accident damaged Jeep Manchester

Jeepers creepers are you the owner of a Jeep?!

Is it perhaps an accident damaged Jeep and therefore you want to sell accident damaged Jeep Manchester way?

If you need to sell a damaged Jeep Manchester way you should contact Metro Salvage.

At Metro Salvage we buy any damaged vehicle including Jeeps.

We’re after all makes and models too.

So if you want to sell a damaged Jeep Compass Manchester way, give us a shout.

The same applies if you want to sell a damaged Jeep Cherokee Manchester way, hit us up!

And if you want to sell a damaged Jeep Renegade Manchester way, you know who you should call. That’s right – Metro Salvage!

You may want to sell a damaged Jeep Wrangler Manchester way, give our team a call.

Or you might want to sell a damaged Jeep Patriot Manchester was then pick up the phone and ring us!

Our number is 01204 388488 and we are always looking to buy damaged Jeeps and other late model cars.

And at Metro Salvage we can offer you a competitive price because we are able to recycle and reuse parts of a damaged Jeep or any other vehicle.


Recycling is in fact at the heart of what we do and that’s why our prices are generous.

You can even get a quote online using our very nifty calculator. If chatting to a human being is your preference we offer that option too – just dial 01204 388488.

We also want to buy MOT failure Jeeps, so if you want to sell an MOT failure Jeep Manchester way, talk to us.

If you want to sell a high mileage Jeep Manchester, give us a shout too.

You might be looking for replacement Jeep parts Manchester way yourself.

As we are also Jeep breakers why not drop us a line if you’re looking for a particular component. Our friendly staff will only be too happy to help.

You might even be looking to buy Jeep parts online, well that’s cool with us too. You can search our parts store online. And if you have no joy just give us a call on 01204 388488.

Metro Salvage buys any car, so why not get in touch today?

We cover all of the North West region so if you’re in the area give us a shout. If you want to sell accident damaged Jeep Manchester today, call 01204 388488.

Oh, and if you have a van you want to sell then please contact Scrap A Van. That’s because they buy any van, running or not. Best prices are paid too. So why not check them out and get a healthy price for your van.

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