Sell my car to a salvage yard near me

You may be wondering “what on earth can a salvage yard do with a wreck of a car like mine?”

Well, you’d be surprised! At Metro Salvage our aim is to salvage as much of a vehicle as possible. That could be a write-off car, a MOT failure. It could be a flood damaged vehicle or one that’s high mileage.

The point is, Metro Salvage will recycle and use parts of a vehicle instead of just tossing it on the scrap heap.


So if you’ve been looking for “a salvage yard near me” or perhaps hunting for a “car breaker near me”, you’ve found us!

Not only do we buy cars for salvage, we also provide car parts and cheap spares in Manchester and the whole of the North West.

Plus we sell cheap spares online, that’s right – Metro Salvage are your go to used car parts store online.

Selling your car for salvage also means you get a greater return than selling it for scrap.

Because Metro Salvage will reuse parts in that car for other vehicles. Sometimes these parts are even exported. So that’s why you get a better offer for your car when you sell it to Metro Salvage. 

If you’ve been searching for a “breakers yard near me”, bear in Metro Salvage in mind, they serve all of the North West region.

Metro Salvage have drivers placed far and wide and ready to collect your salvage vehicle – usually on the same day you’ve agreed a deal too.

So if you’ve been hunting to, “sell my write-off Audi near me”, contact Metro Salvage.

If you’ve been looking to “sell my write-off Range Rover near me”, again, contact Metro Salvage.

We want to hear from you no matter what write off vehicle you have. So if you’ve been thinking, “where can I sell my wreck near me for best price?” Hit up Metro Salvage today!


The same applies to accident damaged vehicles, MOT failures and high mileage. 

When your car reaches the pearly gates of car heaven, it’ll be dealt with in a safe and professional manner.

Firstly we will de-pollute it, taking out fluids like engine oil and coolant which can’t be recycled. Then the parts that are still running tickety boo will be extracted and cleaned up a treat. They can then be used again in another vehicle, this saves motorists money and also the environment due to recycling instead of using brand new. 

And we can often use parts of a vehicle’s exterior too, from wing mirrors to passenger doors.

Next the shell of the car can go off and be recycled into something entirely new. 

That’s why the car salvage industry is recycling at it’s best. And Metro Salvage are a trusted ATF so you can rest assured everything is handle professionally and above board.

So if you want to “sell my car to a salvage yard near me” contact Metro Salvage today. Call us on 01204 388488. Or why not check out how much you could make by using our online calculator, you’ll get a quote in seconds. 

And did you know we’ve got a cracking scrap and salvage van company on our doorstep too?

Need to get rid of a van? Then check out Scrap A Van if you want to sell or scrap a van.

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