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Where can I sell my damaged 4×4 for best price?

THERE’S so many great reasons to sell your car to Metro Salvage – the northwest number one vehicle salvage yard. Metro Salvage will take any car or van, no matter what make or model or year and we’ll pay more than our competitors.  You get instant cash payment and the price is the export value […]

Sell write off car for most money near me

Did you know Metro Salvage pays over the odds for cars? Accident damaged, write-offs, wrecks, we’ll take them all.  In fact, we’re not put off easily, especially when it comes to the outer appearance of a vehicle. And that’s because one man’s wreck is another man’s riches, you see. And here’s why; at Metro Salvage […]

Sell accident damaged Jeep Manchester

Jeepers creepers are you the owner of a Jeep?! Is it perhaps an accident damaged Jeep and therefore you want to sell accident damaged Jeep Manchester way? If you need to sell a damaged Jeep Manchester way you should contact Metro Salvage. At Metro Salvage we buy any damaged vehicle including Jeeps. We’re after all […]

Who buys accident damaged cars near me?

Had the misfortune of being involved in a prang? As a result is you car a write-off? If you’ve been wondering, “who buys accident damaged cars near me?”, then step inside Metro Salvage, my friend. At Metro Salvage we buy all accident damaged vehicles. So no matter how damaged they are or not – we’ll […]

Sell my accident damaged car for most money Manchester

Has it crossed your mind you need sell a wrecked car? Have you been thinking, where can I sell my accident damaged car for most money Manchester? Well that’s where Metro Salvage can come in. At Metro Salvage we buy in wrecks. That’s right, we buy accident damaged cars and pay top rate returns for […]

How can I sell my car today for best price?

When you make a decision to get rid of a vehicle, most people want to get the show on the road as soon as possible. In fact many wake up wondering, “how can I sell my car today for best price?” And that’s where Metro Salvage come in. We can buy your car, van or […]

Sell my car to a salvage yard near me

You may be wondering “what on earth can a salvage yard do with a wreck of a car like mine?” Well, you’d be surprised! At Metro Salvage our aim is to salvage as much of a vehicle as possible. That could be a write-off car, a MOT failure. It could be a flood damaged vehicle […]

Sell my car for salvage near me

If you’re looking to sell you car for salvage luck is shinning on you today. You’ve found one one of the biggest salvage yards in the North West. Metro Salvage is a leading car salvage yard and we need cars, car and more cars. So if you have been wondering, “where can I sell my […]