Sell My Damaged Range Rover Near Me

Are you the owner of an accident damaged Range Rover?

Do you want to sell a write off Range Rover Manchester way?

Perhaps you’ve been looking for the best place to sell a damaged Range Rover.

Then why not sell a Range Rover for salvage Manchester way with Metro Salvage.

Or you may have been wondering, “where can I sell my damaged Range Rover near me?”

Metro Salvage are always on the lookout to buy damaged Range Rovers.

We buy any Range Rover and we buy any Land River too for the best price.

Metro Salvage covers the whole of the North West. So if you’re looking for the best price for my Range Rover North West way come to Metro Salvage.

You may be searching to “sell my damaged Range Rover Wilmslow way” for example. That’s not a problem for Metro Salvage as we can come and collect your vehicle for free.

Perhaps you’re based in Liverpool and you want to “sell my Range Rover Liverpool way”, again just contact Metro Salvage.

We will happily buy your damaged Rover and pay you a premium for it too. That’s because we can salvage parts of your vehicle and use them in other cars.

So even if your Range Rover is a write-off come talk to us as we buy write off Range Rovers.

It’s not just Rovers we’re after either, we buy any SUV too.


So if you’re wondering, “where can I sell my damaged SUV near me?” contact Metro salvage.

An enormous part of what we do is recycle. We take the component of a vehicle that work perfectly well and pop them in other vehicles. 

Plus our tricky team are dab hands at refurbishing so they can fix engines and the like, making things run as good as new.

You might be looking for a replacement Range Rover part, then contact Metro Salvage.

Did you know, Metro Salvage also class themselves as a Range Rover used parts yard North West based?

We wouldn’t chuck useful working parts of a car on the scrap heap, that would be cruelty to Range Rovers in our eyes.

In fact, our aim is to be as green and kind as possible and recycle as much of a car as we can.

Why not get a quote in seconds for your Range Rover, Land Rover or SUV by using our value calculator online. Or if you prefer to speak directly to a team member just call 01204 388488.

Metro Salvage – helping keep people on the road for less. 

Or to scrap a car why not check out The Scrappers, our sister site.

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