Sell My Toyota Prius

Calling all Toyota drivers; try us if you have a Prius!

If you want to sell a Toyota Prius today please contact Metro Salvage.

We want to know if you have a Toyota Prius for sale Manchester way or a Toyota Prius for sale Bolton way also.

In fact if you have woken up today and you’re thinking, “where can I sell my Prius?” make Metro Salvage your priority. 

If you’re thinking, “where can I sell my Toyota Prius Manchester?” give Metro Salvage a shout.

You might be wondering, “who buys damaged Toyota Prius Manchester?” that would be us.

Or “sell my damaged Prius Manchester” or “sell my damaged Prius Bolton”, contact Metro Salvage.

On the other hand you might be based in the North West and you’re wondering, “who are the best payers for Toyota Prius Manchester or North West. You should give Metro Salvage a try.

If you want to sell a Prius Blackburn, give us a shout.

Or perhaps you want to sell a Prius Preston or sell a Prius Bury way, contact Metro Salvage.

We buy any Prius no matter what condition. In fact we can proudly say we offer the best price for your Toyota Prius in the North West.

You might want to sell a write-off Toyota Prius, then dial 01204 388488.

No matter what condition Metro Salvage will buy your Prius off you. 


It’s not just Toyota Prius motors we want to buy. Here at Metro Salvage we buy all types of cars. We’ll take an automatic hybrid Toyota Prius and we’ll take a manual. And we’ll take any colour too. We’ll take other Toyota cars and other makes also. If you have a damaged BMW X3 or X5 for example, we will buy it from you. It’s true, we buy any car Manchester and Bolton way and throughout the North West. 

So why not give Metro Salvage a go and sell your car for the best price going.

Contact 01204 388488. 

We are also a top used car parts yard in Bolton and throughout the North West.

If you’re after a particular part you should get in touch. 

You might be after a particular used Toyota Prius part, if you are let Metro Salvage help.

Because we are also a Toyota breakers yard we have hundreds of Toyota car parts which are in perfectly good working order. Why buy new when you can buy nearly new? 

So come on good people, give Metro Salvage a shout and they’ll help you out.

Call 01204388488.

And if you want to scrap a Toyota Prius or scrap a Prius Bolton contact The Scrappers team here.

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