Sell A damaged Ford Bolton

ATTENTION all Ford owners, is your vehicle damaged?

Do you want to sell a damaged Ford Bolton way?

Perhaps you are wondering, “where can I sell my damaged Ford near me?”

Then why not consider Metro Salvage, Bolton’s number one vehicle salvage yard.

Did you know Metro Salvage break late model Fords? This means we’re always on the look out for anyone wanting to sell a Ford.


And we’ll take any make or model and it doesn’t matter how damaged there is or if it’s a complete wreck.

Metro Salvage can see past all that, and after all, this isn’t a beauty show! In fact, all Metro salvage is after is salvaging the good parts so that we can help keep other Fords on the road.

So if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being in a collision and your Ford is a write-off speak to us. You could be thinking, “where can I sell a write-off Mondeo near me,” then contact Metro Salvage. 


Or you may be thinking, “sell my damaged Ford Focus,” or “who buys Ford Focus write-offs?” the  answer is us – again!

Just pick up the phone dial 01204 388488 and tell us about your vehicle. You can tell us about your day too if you like because we are a friendly bunch!

There could be all sorts of reasons you want to part with your Ford. For example, you may want to sell a damaged Ford Tourneo Connect Bolton, or you may want to sell a damaged S-Max and get maximum money for it. 


You may have a damaged Ford Fiesta van to sell Bolton way or you might be thinking, “sell my damaged Transit Courier. If that’s the case contact Metro Salvage.

You could have a Transit Connect to sell Bolton way or a Transit Custom to sell Bolton way. Contact Metro Salvage for the best price going.

Perhaps you want to sell a damaged Ford Ranger Bolton way or sell a damaged Transit Minibus Bolton way – contact us! You can even get a valuation online just click right here and get a quote in seconds.

You may want to sell a Ford Transit Chassis, and if you do contact Metro Salvage. 

We will buy any Ford you can afford to keep on the road for whatever reason.

Just dial 01204 388488 and talk to us about selling a Ford today.

We are also a go-to Ford parts shop. You can either come to the yard, call us or chat to us online. We even offer a delivery service on quality used Ford parts, how good is that! 

So if you’re after a particular part for a Ford drop us a line. 

By buying a quality used car part you can save yourself a fortune rather than going for new.

Call 01204 388488. 

Or to scrap a Ford Bolton way today, check out The Scrappers here.

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