Sell A damaged Mercedes Bolton

A BIG shout out to all Mercedes owners, is your Merc acting a like a burk?

Is it playing up and filling you with worry?

Or did you have a prang and it’s now a write-off?

Would it cost more to fix than it’s worth? Then step away from the problem and into the solution – Metro Salvage.

If it’s time to sell a damaged Mercedes Bolton way why not choose Metro Salvage. 


Bolton’s most trusted salvage and car dismantling team want to hear from you.

You may have woken up and made the decision to sell a damaged Mercedes A class Manchester today. Then contact Metro Salvage.

Perhaps you want to sell a Mercedes G Class SUV Bolton – again call on Metro Salvage. 

Or you may have a damaged Mercedes CLA Bolton. You could be thinking where can I sell CLA for salvage? All you have to do is contact Metro Salvage. 

We are the North West’s top Mercedes salvage yard catering to the good people of Bolton, Manchester and beyond.

We buy any damaged Mercedes, high mileage Mercedes or MOT failure Mercedes. That applies to cars and vans. Any Merc vehicle at all! 

For example, it could be a case of you wanting to sell an MOT failure Merc GLA Bolton way, contact Metro Salvage.

As we consistently break Mercedes cars for parts we are always wanting to add to our Mercedes stock. 

So if you want too flog us a C Class, for example, we’ll buy it off you. If you’ve decided “sell my Mercedes C class to salvage dealer Bolton” give us a shout.

Or you might be in Bury down the road and be thinking, “sell my damaged C Class Bury for best price” then please contact Metro Salvage. 

You see, we will buy any make or model of Mercedes. We’ll welcome your Benz with open arms. 

You may want to sell a damaged Mercedes S Class Bolton today, then contact Metro Salvage today. 

So from accident damaged to high mileage and MOT failures – Metro Salvage want the full shebang!


And because we are a local Mercedes breakers yard, recycling is what runs through our very core. It’s our ethos to salvage and recycle as much of a Mercedes as possible. 

Let’s help keep the planet as green as we humanly can.

So if you’re after cheap Mercedes parts Bolton way, contact Metro Salvage. 

If you wish to buy Mercedes parts online Metro Salvage can help with that too.

Call a staff member on 01204388488 or you can also search online.

We are always happy to chit chat with you!

And because Metro Salvage are an ATF, authorised treatment facility we take safety and environmentally friendly rules and regulations seriously.

So if you want to wave ta-ra to that Benz of yours then contact Metro Salvage today. 

Call 01204388488.  Or to scrap a Merc Bolton click here my friend.

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