Sell A Damaged Car Today Bolton

DO you want to sell a damaged car?

Have you woken up with the notion, “I want to sell my damaged car Bolton way”.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I need to sell my damaged car Manchester way”. 

Well, did you know Metro Salvage offers the best price for damaged vehicles Bolton? And we offer the best price for damaged vehicles Manchester too?

In fact, Metro Salvage offers the best price for damaged vehicles in the North West.

And the reason they can offer you a great price for a damaged car or van is because they can recycle parts of your car and put those parts back to good use in another vehicle. 


Metro Salvage also offers free collection on damaged cars as well as paying top prices – you can’t say fairer than that. 

We pay handsomely for insurance write-offs, accident damaged cars and vehicles that are repairable. 

We also buy MOT failure cars and vans, so why not get a quote in seconds and get the best price for your salvage vehicle today.  

The heart of Metro Salvage’s ethos is to recycle as much as possible. We don’t just chuck a car on the scrap heap. We aim to bring as much of it back to life as possible. 

That’s why we are a leader in replacement car parts too. 

Are you in need of a certain car part to keep your motor running?

Would you like to get your car or van back on the road without it breaking the bank?

Then why not use Metro Salvage, we are the leading used vehicle parts specialists based in the North West but serving the world.

Our aim is to keep motorists on the road safely and for less. Why buy a new car part when you can purchase a perfectly good second hand car part which works just as well.


Metro Salvage breaks hundreds of late model vehicles every week. We are meticulous about dismantling cars, vans and trucks so we can save all the parts that are in great working order.

We get a number of insurance write-offs and while the car may not be road-worthy, parts of it will still be working perfectly.

It would be criminal to toss these parts on the scrap heap when they can save someone money and keep them on the road.

An accident damaged car could be a total wreck when it comes to the bodywork. But it could still have an engine as strong as an ox. Naturally, this engine can breathe life into another vehicle which may have an engine that isn’t so good. It’s like a car transplant. 

Metro Salvage has been dismantling vehicles for over 30 years and we proudly stock thousands of car, van and truck parts.

So, for example, you may be looking for an Audi parts yard Manchester way, then let Metro Salvage help.

You could be searching for BMW parts online, again let Metro Salvage help you. 

Just call us on 01204 388488 and a team member will find that part for you.

Or to sell a damaged car today Bolton contact 01204 388488.

To sell a damaged car today Manchester contact 01204 388488. 

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