People often ask us; what’s the difference between a salvage car and a scrap car?

Here’s the difference, in a nutshell:

A salvage vehicle is usually a car, van or bus that can be repaired or at least has a number of parts that can be reused.

As a general rule of thumb this usually applies to vehicles that have been on the road for ten years or less.

A scrap vehicle is also referred to as an End Of Life Vehicle (ELV). This type of car, van or bus has certainly been around the block and is over ten years old. There are likely to be fewer parts which can be salvaged – although often there are still parts that remain in good working order.


But usually with a scrap car, most of the vehicle will be scrapped. The metal work will be shredded up and sent off to a recycling plant. Your old scrap car could literally come back as braces in your future grandkid’s teeth!

At Metro Salvage we like to recycle as much of a vehicle as possible, and if we can get a car back on the road – happy days!

Metro Salvage are a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). We deal with all ELVs respectfully, disposing and recycling them following safe and legal regulations.

The same applies to any salvage car we end up dismantling. We take care of the pollutants in car, that includes fuel, engine oil and anti-freeze.


Once all the potential hazardous liquids are gone, we carefully break the car and save the bits that are still working tickety boo.

This means we can use those parts in other salvage cars and get them going again. Or, they are sold on so other people can keep vehicles on the road.

We all want to save a bob or too. And salvageable car parts that are still in great working order are far cheaper than new.

So if you are after a certain car part, then why not contact the Metro Salvage team.


If, on the other hand, your car has seen far better days and it’s an ELV, then you can choose to scrap it with us instead. Our Bolton based salvage and scrap yard is fully equipped to deal with any kind of vehicle that comes through the gates, so please do come and speak to us.

We’re a sociable bunch who love to have a chat so why not pick up the phone and dial 01204 388488. 

Metro Salvage is based in Bolton, but we serve all of the North West. And we also export parts overseas. So no request is too big or too small.

You can chat to us online too.


So if you’re thinking, “where can I sell my car to salvage yard near me?” give us a shout.

The Metro Salvage team are pretty tech savvy these days too, so you can even chat online!

Or you could be thinking, “where is the nearest car salvage yard to me?” call us.

Or for example, you’re a BMW owner. You might be thinking, ‘where is BMW salvage yard near me?” get in touch.

We can also ship car parts to you. So if you’re looking for used car parts online – get in touch!

Metro Salvage – the greener way to keep cars on the road! 

Call 01204 388488. 

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