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SALVAGE – what a beautiful word with a beautiful meaning. To salvage something is to rescue it, restore it, make it come back to life.

That’s exactly what we do at Metro Salvage; we either help vehicles to get back on their wheels again or save other motors in distress.

We save cars and vans by recycling parts from other vehicles. Our whole ethos is to save and recycle as much of a vehicle as possible.

Nobody likes to see things go to waste, certainly not us anyway – that’s why we’ve built up a business in salvaging and rescuing as many parts of a vehicle as we can possibly save.

And that’s why Metro Salvage are proud to have shelves and shelves loaded with quality used car parts.

We may be based in Bolton, but we serve folk far and wide. If you’re after a particular part for your vehicle then why not chat to us. We’re all tech savvy these days, you know, and can even chat online – whoo get us!

They say “parting is such sweet sorrow”, not as far as we’re concerned! Quite the opposite in fact! We love parting with car parts, seeing a quality used engine going off to a new owner. It makes us really proud as saving motorists money is what it’s all about.


For example, say you needed a replacement gearbox for Audi or a used engine for BMW 3 series – talk to us.

You might be after any used car part Bolton way, then why not give us a shout.

If you’re after a certain part for your vehicle why not use our handy WhatsApp chat facility and speak to a real person. Our staff members are always happy to help and hunt down a particular part for you.

Metro Salvage may be based in Bolton, but we are used to selling used car parts online. We even operate a shipping service, so even if you live elsewhere we can still be of service.

We also buy in cars, vans, trucks and busses. From individual vehicles, to fleets likes old taxis for example.

Metro Salvage take any make or model so it’s always worth having a chat with us. Why not find out the value of your current vehicle by getting a no obligation quote.

We buy accident damaged, high mileage, MOT failures, runners and non-runners. And we have a top notch reputation for paying over the odds for a salvage vehicle.


For example, you could be thinking, “sell my accident damaged BMW 3 Series Bolton” then contact us.

Metro Salvage like to keep their prices competitive because they can recycle parts of a salvage vehicle.

The car scrap and salvage business is one of the greenest industries going.

And because we are an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) we dismantle and de-pollute vehicles according to strict guidelines.

So if you want to find a trusted salvage yard in Bolton, choose Metro Salvage.

If you want to find cheap Audi car parts – choose Metro Salvage.

Or if you’re looking for bargain used BMW parts – choose Metro Salvage.


You may be hunting for cheap Mercedes parts Manchester – choose Metro Salvage as we are only down the road in Bolton.

Give us a call today on 01204 388488.

We also buy scrap cars, The Scrappers is in fact our sister company. So if you have a scrap car or scrap you want to get rid of then why not contact them here.

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